Do this right now with your property taxes

For those of you who own a home in Texas, every year at this time we get the bad news of our property tax notice.

It’s typically not a question if our taxes went up….it’s by how much.

If there is a bright side, we can thank our increasing property values for that.

You have until May 15th (5 days away) to dispute your taxes.  This is what I would do right now if I were you.

Besides the time investment, it’s free to protest your taxes unless you want to hire a company to do so.  

Oftentimes, companies don’t charge to protest your taxes unless they win.

It doesn’t hurt to protest. If your value decreases by $20,000 in the tax district's eyes that can be $600 annual savings - assuming a 3% tax rate.

If you’d like a place to start, I can help you.  I’ll be able to run sales comparables for your home, like I’ve done for a few of my clients already.

Lastly, if your primary residence is in Texas, make sure you have filled your homestead exemption.

This homestead exemption saves you hundreds, if not thousands, a year in property taxes.  It also puts a cap of 10% on your annual property tax values. 

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