My Innovative Tips on Three Recent Home Improvements

With my extensive experience prepping sellers to list their homes, and ensuring my buyers are moving into a great home, I have learned some great tips and ways to cut costs. I’ll share three of them with you today:

1. How to potentially save thousands on flooring

Recently, I had a client order flooring straight from a national carpet wholesaler vs. a local provider.  You need to be careful with this approach, as it’s important to find a good installer, but my client was able to bring his flooring quote down from $11,000 to $6,000!

2. The power of foam insulation

A new construction home I was recently involved with only had one A/C unit, despite being 2 stories and over 3800 square feet.  How did they do this?  They had foam insulation lining the attic walls.  The foam was so effective that the attic stays the same temperature as the house! This can cut energy costs significantly.

3. Preserving your tile grout color for years

I work with a vendor that can apply a coat to your tile grout to prevent stains and discoloration so you can enjoy that fresh clean look for years to come.  They can work with new tile or older tile.  They do such a good job, they warranty their work for 3 years!

Feel free to reach out if you want more details on these tips.  Have a great day!



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